YOGA AND THE TAROT Opening Statements 


No one can tell your future. If someone studied metaphysics for years, with the grace of wisdom on their side, they then may be able to discern tendencies that potentially lie ahead. Out of the thousands of people who purport to read Tarot cards, one percent could have that skill to see possibilities ahead in your life. Only half of that one percent would actually even agree to read the cards for you. And half of them would never ask for a fee. Therefore, if you are not sure if you are dealing with that very small group of initiated, qualified actual readers don’t waste your time, at best, or at worst fill you head with ideas that could be detrimental to your health, peace of mind, evolution and bank account.


The future is unwritten. That is our well-earned gift of free-will.


What you can do, if you wish, is to study and meditate on the cards yourself. From this effort, over time you may come to find a fresh perspective on things. Each tarot card symbolizes a vital "packet of experience" and can give great and beneficial insight on mind, matter and more. Divination is accessing information  by "unconventional" means, and as a yogi/occultist, acquiring such a skill set adds to our depth of understanding and wisdom.


Just as mechanically “doing” yoga only for exercise is a debasement of Yoga, using the Tarot Cards exclusively for “predicting the future”  is a waste. Around the same time as modern yoga postural practices blossomed in the early 20th Century, the Tarot deck was being redesigned to reflect and perfect a meditation tool ripe with the wisdom and knowledge of the ages. Don’t waste either innovation in the name of fulfilling petty appetites and desires.


I recommend you eventually find an interesting tarot deck, book and or app. Each day pick a card. Look at it, read about it, think about it, have some feelings about it. Then sit quietly with your eyes closed and visualize the card. Remember everything you can about the card. If it naturally comes to you, let the static picture evolve into a story, or “movie”. After a while, let the images go, and notice if any superior qualities of the picture are those that you might want to have at your disposal. If so, think about those qualities and see yourself possessing them, engaging with them and sharing them with others.


It is my wish to share with you some essays about how the tarot cards can relate to Yoga philosophy. It is my hope it helps you with your meditations. And it is with the most sincere gratitude to my students and teachers that I pass it along.