According to esoteric science and ancient wisdom teachings, the physical body is not the entirety of the “human being.” We will discuss in this lecture/workshop the pañca mayas (the KOŚAS): our physical, energetic, mental, ego and causal "sheaths", delving ever more deeply into the subtle dimensions of being. We will explore the seven cakra system of yoga: as conduits for vital energy, as vibrations of elemental qualities and as levels of awareness and evolutionary development. In this exploration we talk about the nādīs, the energy channels and come to see why bandhas, ujjayī breath and driṣṭi are used in practice. We will also apply this esoteric knowledge system to our practical yoga āsana teachings. Prāṇā, life-force/ vital energy will be examined as the over-arching vehicle of consciousness.


This exploration and information will serve to further develop Hatha Yoga practices: the physical training branch of yoga.

In our modern adaptation of the ancient Hatha Yoga practice, we ask the body, breath and mind to move together with conscious awareness and attention. This prepares us to stand strong and be flexible when faced with powerful influences that could hinder our evolutionary goals.

Subtle Anatomy