Among the various Yoga philosophical texts, the Yoga Sūtras can appear to be most daunting and technical. Oftentimes, a few of the verses are singled out as “user friendly” in classroom situations, and although that is most certainly a good tool, yoga teachers and serious students benefit from a more comprehensive understanding of the text and its technical terms. In this lecture/discussion we will read through the first 16 verses in chapter one, cover/chant the first four verses of each chapter, discuss the topics in each of the chapters and revisit the second chapter to look at the practices in more depth. We will begin our session with a contextual overview of the 6 orthodox systems of Indic philosophy with a brief introduction to Sankhya theory, the complimentary “world-view” to Yoga. Mainly lecture/discussion format this workshop is interspersed with chanting, and some light stretching.